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 Check out all our latest videos!

Check out all our latest videos!

Sundays & Midweek

Interested in checking out a Sunday meeting or one of our many events? Find out more about what’s on.


Redeemer Children

We love families, and it’s our privilege to provide a safe,
fun place for kids
to get to know God.


Visitor FAQs

What’s happens on Sunday mornings? Do I need to dress up? We have some answers to make your visit more comfortable.


Growth Groups

We love to do life together. Want to encounter life-changing truth, as well as fun, healing friendships? There’s a place waiting for you in one of our midweek small groups. Contact us and we’ll get you plugged in.

Interested in Redeemer, faith, God or the big questions about life? We would love to talk with you! Come and join us on Sunday or get in touch with us.

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