One aspect of our 2022 vision as a church is to help everyone know how to serve using the Spiritual Gifts given to each of us.

Practically, it is one of the best and quickest ways to build strong friendships, make a difference in the lives around you, and grow closer to God. If you have a particular passion or skill, or would just like to contribute to the Redeemer community, we’d love to hear from you!

Spiritual Gifts

You may have done these sorts of surveys when you were trying to work out what career to go for. They aren’t 100% accurate. They are an approximation, but still useful.

We find there tends to be two different reactions to reading your results to this questionnaire: One is, “oh yeah I already knew that” – in which case, the point of doing this process has been to help cement in your mind what you may have instinctively already known about yourself. The other is, “I never realised that about myself” – in which case you may realise new things which is also very beneficial.

Our prayer is that God helps us all to know how we can help each other better, all for his glory!


Follow this link (hit make a copy to create your survey) to find out where your gifts lie!

Sunday Serving Teams

There’s lots of ways to serve at Redeemer and one great way is to join a Sunday serving team – we can’t do services without lots of help!

Welcome Team
Ensuring people get a heart-warming and genuine greeting on Sundays and beyond! Great for outgoing people who love making others feel loved.

Audio, Recording & Visual Teams
Operating a sound desk, microphones, speakers, software, slides and so on. If this is you, please let us know! Specialist knowledge not needed – just being computer literate and willing to learn.

Refreshments Team
Helping prepare and serve refreshments before and after Sunday services to create a really good atmosphere and help people get to know each other over a cuppa.

The Band
We’ll take any musical instrument, but you do need to be able to play it! If you’re gifted in this area or can sing, we’d love to audition you.

Children and Youth Ministry
We love families and welcome suitable people to help with younger ones in various different roles on Sundays. This is a strictly monitored and professionally-run ministry, and vetting (including DBS certification) is required.

Venue Team
Putting out signs, stacking chairs, setting out Bibles, and so on, at the start and finish of Sunday services. This is a vital ministry!


Serving is a huge part of our community. When people come together to serve each other, instead of only seeking to be served, great things happen.

Any questions about serving? Contact us, and we will get you plugged in!