It’s our joy and privilege at Redeemer to support those spreading the good news of Jesus Christ around the world. In particular, our current mission partner is a couple in The Gambia.

Johnny Burgess

Johnny Burgess

Mission Partner

Jonny has been in The Gambia since Oct 2015, where he's working with a small number of local believers who have a vision for faithful gospel ministry training. Jonny is teaching biblical theology and discipleship at a small bible school called Servants of the Word. It is a wonderful and rare thing that a few pastors and others come faithfully in order to be trained.

About The Gambia

The Gambia is a small country in West Africa, with a minuscule Christian evangelical population. In this context, very few people have had training or experience in how to understand and teach the Bible faithfully. For the church to flourish, there’s an urgent need for reliable local Christian leaders to be equipped to proclaim Christ faithfully from the Scriptures.